6 weird things people doing in his life but don't know the logic behind it

6 weird things people doing in his life but don't know the logic behind it

Every day we do a lot of stuff which don't really make any sense. We 're dreaming, sleeping, and laughing, but why? Everything seems so natural that we really just don't care about all this. But certain habits become completely strange with a little contemplation.

Here's 6 ordinary but strange things we do all the time, and why we do it.

1. Get bored

Everyone gets bored . But if you really think about it, it's pretty weird to experience boredom. There was a whole world full of things to do, after all. How could humans ever be needing anything to keep us busy?

Persons who have issues that impact their focus and attention may be more sensitive to boredom, according to a study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science in 2012. Age may also play an important role in assessing the vulnerability of someone to boredom. Research shows that people getting towards the end of their young adulthood, mostly around age of 22, will be much less likely to really get frustrated than young teens.

2. Doing things which are harmful for us

Smoking cigarettes, getting drunk, utilizing narcotics, all such stuff are bad for us, yet still, completely ignoring such self-destructive behaviors might be a major challenge. Why is it so difficult for humans to dig their unhealthy habits?

Aside from the genetic link to such addictive lifestyles, some people become involved in risky behaviors, such as the use of drugs or alcohol, because they're not really thinking about the negative effects of these actions, according to Cindy Jardine, a professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta , Canada. It's not just because they haven't got the knowledge that these threats are massive.

3. Dream

Dreaming is like living a night in an idealistic world (Sometimes). Even sometimes dreams recur and often they repeat similarities, but in general dreams are once-in-a-lifetime experiences which are hard to remember and more difficult to understand. Why are people dreaming? It's not particularly clear, but many hypothesize that we can solve problems by dreaming. This theory says that we process things while we dream in ways we really can not even understand during our waking time.

4. Cry

How strange is the pain that causes water to drop from our eyes! Among all the creatures, we shed tears of feeling. Not only do they serve the function of expressing emotional distress, scientists suggest that tears often hold some unnecessary hormones and other proteins that are created out of the body during stress periods, which may reflect the cathartic impact of good cry.

5. Laughing

Speaking of funny jokes, why are we laughing in the first place?

Psychologists believe that this behavioral response serves as a transmitter to others by propagating positive feelings, reducing stress and trying to contribute to social bonding. For the same causes, chimps and orangutans also smile and laugh during play activities.

6. Kiss

When you come close to that someone special, you close your eyes, your faces move closer together - and you paint your lips on the lips of your partner. What the hell's up with that? What happened to us that shutting our eyes and exchanging saliva with another was a good thing to do?

However, it isn't just natural instincts; kissing is also a device for forming emotional bonds. Your oxytocin receptors increase when you kiss a loving partner or your lovely soul mate, filling your brain with those pleasant feelings. It isn't totally different from caffeine or an alcohol.