7 Small But Important Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

7 Small But Important Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Emotional intelligence, is literally the acute ability to understand, control and assess self and everyone around us. Some researchers claim that the EQ of a human outweighs their IQ in view of their performance and the way they are going about community ties.Many people might thought of emotional intelligence as an ability, anything with experience that might develop and learn.
And although this is true to some extent, an underlying reality about emotional maturity is ignored by many of us.

Emotional intelligence has been defined as an intellectual ability to understand and resolve emotions and feelings of someone else, as per Psychology Today, the world's leading site for psychiatric knowledge and awareness.

It includes with 3 major abilities: the potential to evaluate the inner emotions and thoughts of everyone else around us, the ability to attach emotions to activities, and the potential to manage emotions:- whether it is handling their own until they push people out of control, or possessing the courage and determination to make another person smile, soothe, or tackle a situation effectively.

According to psychologist, People who look like though they don’t have much emotional intelligence, They criticize others for their difficulties and sometimes They trap himself in frustrating and nervous loops. It has been proven that someone with strong emotional "intellectual ability" experience greater peace and stability in daily lives.

Learn to recognize such behaviors inside your own daily lives and try to eliminate them if you want to enhance your emotional maturity. People who have high emotional intelligence generally try to avoid the mentioned behavior and actions:-

1. Mentally strong people work hard for achieve success.

People who are mentally clever work hard to reach their objectives and do not encourage herself to remain in a slump. They trust in herself, move through every struggles they seem to have, and keep motivated to win the race, whatever their result may be.

2. They don’t gossip.

Persons with mentally strong understand how detrimental gossip can sometimes be, and also that almost nothing positive will come out of it all. They are looking for more inspiring, meaningful conversations with people, and ignore others which tend to just address negative or trivial issues. In reality, they really don't have the energy to talk mindlessly and have shallow interactions with others.
Mentally strong people know that words matter more than your behaviors.

3. They don’t say yes - to everyone or even themselves.

Emotionally intelligent people understand that people, including them, have limitations and they will not be willing to express yes to all all the time. And they take responsibility for their actions. In fact, they respect themselves by holding to their feet and committing only to the activities that is meaningful.

4. They don’t stuck in the past

When you have done anything wrong in the past, you obviously feel guilt and remorse. Mentally smart people respect their past, the people they loved, the mess they committed, the chances they missed but they also understood the value of present.

5. They 're not temper tantrums. 

They don't do that because they have power of their feelings, and they know that the people around them can shut down when they have a temper tantrum. They also found that it is more important to remain calm and rational in order to communicate. If their flight is canceled or delayed at the airport, they stay calm and continue to communicate with the airline agent to find a solution. Since they're considered to be cool, people from the airline want to help them.

6. They 're not wondering why someone's frustrated or angry. 

When faced with someone they think is upset, people who are emotionally unintelligent simply believe the person is frustrated or upset with them, and don't ask the person why they're upset. Emotionally intelligent people ask questions and sometimes find that the other person is not concerned about them, just that something else happened that morning on their way to work, etc. Emotionally intelligent people don't think they 're the cause of someone's rage, but try to find out what's going on.

7. They do not ignore the importance of being sensitive when discussing sensitive issues 

People who lack emotional intelligence do not know what to say when sensitive issues arise and do not know how to deal with sensitive situations. For example, if someone says that one of their family and friends is critically ill and in the hospital, they 're going to say something wrong and something that isn't reassuring. Someone with emotional intelligence knows how to be sensitive and say the right thing in those circumstances.