8 Hilarious Things Everyone Is Secretly Guilty of Doing

8 Hilarious Things Everyone Is Secretly Guilty of Doing

Occasionally, we all find ourselves doing something absolutely dumb or funny. Many of us, however, are afraid to show our "strange" sides for fear of people making fun of us or insulting us. There are plenty of odd things people do without reason all the time, and we do them anyway. We've created a list of weirdest behaviors that people use to make you know you 're not the only one.

1. Lower your car stereo volume, so that you can see better.

Why exactly does the volume switch down allow us to drive properly? This is only one of the weird things people do that but Turning down the volume certainly does not boost your vision, but you think it helps mentally.

2. At the gym, pretend to be a pro athlete.

While you're at the gym, and when using the tread mill, you have the Iconic theme song running in your head. After a few minutes you 're out of steam but you somehow think you're a good at gym. But the champ's spirit is certainly in you, as you hit the ground. And, of course, along the way you've been practicing those competition-level potshots and right hooks.

3. Going to take a break from your computer to check your phone.

Maybe you've been checking Facebook on your desktop, and then you're taking a break and going to watch Facebook on your phone? Maybe different things will appear on the app instead of on the browser window. But you are still, on a different device this time!.

4. Feeling happy when you come home from intense work period.

It wasn't that you don't love family members or friends, but it's good to have a couple of moments alone each day. You could also just sit down and enjoy the peace and prosperity because you've been surrounded by people in the workplace all day long and you just like to have a break.

5. Waiting a few minutes until a person sits next to you, so you didn't hurt their feelings.

Going to wait for a couple of minutes until a person is sitting next to you and you have not hurt their feelings. You wouldn't even know the person who sat next to you, but if you could have to leave you thought it would hurt them.

6. Pressing the elevator button many times.

Little light is now on, we recognize that the elevator that come but we can't control ourselves. What if it takes one more push button to properly convey our anxiety to the elevator? For otherwise, what is it that stops an elevator taking its time? Until we bang on the button strongly, the elevator probably don't know we 're in a hurry.

7. You call friend "buddy" while you have forgotten their name.

So you're going out with a circle of friends, and your friend is bringing someone in new. You might have thought they were introducing herself, but their names have crossed your mind utterly. You notice yourself naming the person by a surname or nickname the rest of the trip, because you can't actually remember their name.

8. Lying to the doctor when they ask you about alcohol consumption.

Your doctor knows that you're lying, you know that you're lying then what's the problem. It seems very strange, if you only have one or two beers a month. Be honest with your doctors, and get better at lying when all else fails. One beer a week seems more likely than one a month.