Have You Ever Think Why Some People Influence Others More Than You Through Their Words

Have You Ever Think Why Some People Influence Others More Than You Through Their Words

Communicating lets people express their emotions and opinions, and at same time it makes us acknowledge other's emotions and feelings. Due to which, we will develop affection or anger towards other people and we will establish favorable or unfavorable social interactions.

The way we interact with others says quite a lot about all of us, sometimes even when we don't say a single word. Our gestures, the tone of our voice, and what or how we say, all these are indicators of what kind of man or woman you are.

Good communication is not only a matter of speaking, it is also the potential to connect and understand the other side . To learn and analyze the body language and facial expressions, and to know how to treat another people so that you can express your opinions with dignity.

A person who try influence others must have these three key skill for effective communication:-

1.A good listener is also a good speaker and this a one major quality of a successful person. Hearing others can help you to resolve significant issues, and you'll see great possibilities. People are going to like you more, because they like good listeners. Hearing people would help us in understanding them and their expectations, and that will increase your reputation. Being a good listener empowers lasting friendships with everyone around you and also indicate that we are paying proper attention to the other person's opinions , emotions and behaviors. You don't pay attention to me when you speak too much. What you hear is your own tone. And being in affection to your own tone is harmful because you can gain knowledge more from someone instead of yourself.

2. It's a very good habit, think before you answer, to prevent getting into trouble in the life, either in your friendships, workplace or somewhere else. In all kinds of situations, thinking before you speak is an effective ability to develop. It can enhance your interaction with others and encourage you to present yourself more effectively. Let's just be realistic. Everyone comes up with claims, however successful communicators know how to debate. Since sometimes we say something without worrying about the impact, wait a while before you respond about what has just been said. Use this time to think about what you're supposed to say.

3. Start wondering yourself, before you speak, what you're going to say really matters. You should stop speaking when you don't add value to the discussion. because People prefer to listen to the ones who wisely select their sentences. If you keep sharing your opinions continuously, nobody will ever actively sought them out. If you just rarely state what you believe, or only speak once instead of again and again and again, your words are likely to carry much value.