Here Are Some of The Strangest Things Spotted On Planet Will Blow Your Mind

Here Are Some of The Strangest Things Spotted On Planet Will Blow Your Mind

The planet is brimming with miracles. Yet usually we wouldn't even care about the amazing things surrounding us. We think about them frequently but we don't even know how they look. Below are a number of things you actually had no idea existed on this planet.

1. The blue angel sea slug parallels an alien.

Glaucus Atlanticus is a sea slug species affectionately named the "Blue Angel." This extraordinary creature is as extremely uncommon as it is beautiful and is noticed only on South Africa and Australia's coastal regions. This blue angel is carnivorous, feeding on other toxic sea species including the Portuguese man o' war. In specialized sacs it absorbs the venom from its targets, tends to focus it, and uses the poison on potential targets.

2. The blackest material of the Planet.

The Vantablack is the world's darkest material. It absorbs 99% of the light and makes objects in 3D appear like those in 2D. It mean that if the human eye looks at Vantablack, it actually sees nothing. Vantablack is a darker nanomaterial than almost any Earth material. It was founded by Surrey NanoSystems in the UK in 2015.

3. Tardigrades are microscopic organisms that are capable of living in space.

Tardigrades, also known as water bears or moss piglets, are interesting micro-organisms that can live anywhere around. They tend to hang out in damp areas like soil or algae, but the creatures will live in conditions at least as cold as -200 degrees Celsius, or as hot as 149 degrees Celsius, as per Smithsonian report. Experimental evidence shows that water bears can withstand radiation, boil liquids, exert more than six-times pressure on the depths of the ocean, and even space vacuum.

4. Aerogel replicates a cloud.

Aerogel is an ultralight, gel- and gas substance. Because of its etheric presence it is called "frozen smoke" or "solid fog." Scientists have developed many formulas from various forms of aerogel, but they all have a general procedure, mix up chemicals, allow them to rest into a wet gel and then vacuum out all the liquid. The result is an incredibly low density substance which is in fact 99 percent air. Since it's mostly built of air and air that's such a poor heat conductor, putting an Aerogel layer between a rose and a fire will prevent the rose from being burned.

5. Point Nemo

Point Nemo is the farthest point on Earth from ground. It is situated near the center of the triangle created by Ducie Island, Motu Nui and Maher Island near Antarctica, known today as the "ocean point of inaccessibility". The International Space Station orbits the earth from such a distance of approximately 415 km, while the closest inhabited location to Point Nemo is more than 1,225 km far.

6. Goblin sharks that seem like a horror show monster.

Goblin sharks are an extraordinary deep-sea shark species that are also reffered as living fossils.They are also the only reported surviving member of the extinct shark community Mitsukurinidae. Goblin sharks are famous for their signature enlarged jaws packed with nail-like teeth. They can sense the electrical impulses produced by other species and easily stretch their jaws to pick up food.