How Long Would We Have to Live if the Sun Went Out

How Long Would We Have to Live if the Sun Went Out

How Long Would We Have to Live if the Sun Went Out

If the sun went out, we would all eventually die, but what would kill us, and how long would it take?

First, once the sun is extinguished, the temperature of the earth will eventually drop to about 10 degrees above absolute zero, give or take. Those who are unable to protect themselves from the cold will die first. How quickly the earth cools is going to vary dramatically.

The surface of the earth isn't going to get super cold right away, but it's going to be fast. Somewhere around the third day, I 'd think it's going to start to be uncomfortable for anyone without a good heat source. After a week, the average temperature of the earth will freeze. 0 degrees Celsius, 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It's going to vary enormously depending on where you live.

It's going to stay warmer near the oceans and get colder the faster you get from them, and obviously what started cold is going to get colder. It will take 1–3 years for them to freeze.

We can get this way for months, as the earth slowly cools, but after a year the average surface temperature of the earth will be-73 degrees Celsius,-100 Fahrenheit. A lot of people are going to run out of food and water well before that.

If you have a heat source, you can survive much longer, but you're going to need food and water. Anyone who somehow managed to survive the cold but did not have a continuous source of food and water will die when their food and water run out.

If someone lived near the geothermal activity in a well-isolated structure and managed to get both heat and electricity (light) out of it indefinitely and had a hydroponic farm, they could go on for 10 to 20 years before the oxygen began to get cold enough to turn to liquid and become oxygen-containing rain, and then as it got progressively colder it would become snow.

Imagine going out to get a mulch of air to bring in and put it over the fire, so that it would warm up and you could breathe. So while the earth still has a lot of oxygen, it's not going to be in the way you can breathe. Let's say that after about 30 years or so, they're all dead.

There are microbes and other life at the bottom of the oceans through geothermal vents. They are too deep for the sun to reach them and to use other means to survive. They 're never going to notice that the sun is missing and keep going as normal.

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