17 Photos That Can Instantly Vanquish Your Bad Mood

17 Photos That Can Instantly Vanquish Your Bad Mood

Unfortunately, nobody is immune from tough days, lousy luck and bad moods. We all have our own luckless days to cope with. Some people like to hide in their beds until the storm is over, while some people like to stock up on guilty pleasures like magazines, snacks, or sad music.Another simple way to get through tough times is to find funny, adorable, interesting and sweet photos and stories online. And that's where we can help you!

1.  The photo on the right is Photoshopped but what fun would it be if it were real!

© goldlyon/imgur

2. Selfie Photo Bomb... Nailed It


3. Unicorns Aren't The Only Things That Poop Rainbows...


4. Hollywood Smile.


5. Tim Duncan's Accidental Photobomb.


6. Leaning Tower Of Pisa.


7. Best Accidental Photobomb Ever.


8. Took A Picture Of A Man And Daughter At A Coffee Shop To Show Them What They Would Look Like In 10 Years.


9. Took A Picture With My Friends, Later Noticed The Cops In The Background.


10. If you don’t like onions, it doesn’t mean onions don’t like you.

© holykash/pikabu

11.  When you sold your bike but can’t get rid of the habit:

© angryprogrammer/pikabu

12. “At the local zoo, I saw a lemur achieve a zen state of mind.”

© iRorshah/pikabu

13. The synchronization was a success!

© unknown/imgur

14. This little guy sure knows how to have a good time!

© gr80nes/twitter

15. “I was finally able to stop slowly enough at a light to catch my helpful co-pilot sleeping on the job.”

© NotJustClarkKent/reddit

16. Accidental Photo Bomb.


17. Went To A Petting Zoo. Friend Got Stepped On By A Pig. I Couldn't Have Planned These Pictures If I'd Tried!