Husband 'Killed Wife And Accidentally Poisoned Baby Through Her Breast Milk'

Husband 'Killed Wife And Accidentally Poisoned Baby Through Her Breast Milk'

A mother and her baby have died after her estranged husband allegedly poisoned her food and therefore the tot drank the toxins through her breast milk.

Josieli Lopes, 36, breastfed her son after eating meat which is claimed to possess been poisoned by her estranged husband who plotted to kill her when he discovered she had a devotee she was getting to move in with.

The estranged husband, who has not been named, was alleged to move out of their apartment within the seaside resort city of Itapema, Brazil, but he's said to possess decided to kill her when he discovered her affair.

Josieli Lopes with her son and estranged husband.

When the nursing mother collapsed with a "mystery illness" caused by the poison the 34-year-old is claimed to possess offered to require her and therefore the baby to the hospital.

But instead, he drove them to a foreign jungle location and buried them both within the ground when he was sure they were dead.

The victims were reported missing on September 15 and he was arrested when he confessed to murdering them every week later.

Their bodies were then found buried within the wooded jungle in Rio dos Cedros, Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, on September 22.

Josieli Lopes with her baby.

The suspected killer told police that he poisoned her with a bit of meat, but had not anticipated that this is able to then be transferred to the baby through her breast milk when she fed the kid soon after, ND+ reports.

He cynically offered to assist them by driving them to hospital, but instead drove them 72 miles into the jungle and buried them.

Under questioning, he had stressed that the child’s murder was accidental and later showed the cops where the bodies were buried.

Suspicions rose after the suspect sent messages to the victim’s family from her phone after the murder making mysterious comments about her moving to the Rio Grande do Sul.

When the family tried to call her back she was not available.

Ms. Lopes' teenage son raised the alarm after deciding that the message seemed like it had been written by somebody else.

Chief of Police, Diogo Medeiros, said the suspect’s testimony was confusing which there have been gaps in his story during interrogation.

The investigation is ongoing.